Welcome to Formula One Imports in Charlotte NC

Used Car Dealership in Charlotte, NC

Formula One Imports is a family-owned and operated dealership located in Charlotte. We are a proud member of the Braun Automotive Group. For over 25 years, we have been providing customers in the Charlotte area, and the rest of the country with an impressive collection of high-line luxury vehicles for sale.

Our customers service standards have helped us earn repeat and referral customers sales at nearly triple the national average. Everyone who visits Formula One Imports can take advantage of our Customer Bill of Rights. At Formula One Imports, you have the right to:

-     Courteous and professional treatment at all times

-     Honest information when you request it, without evasiveness.

-     Prompt and efficient service with genuine concern for your time.

-     Choose which products and services you purchase.

-     Clear and thorough explanations of all financing and purchase details.

-     Receive copies of all documents signed.

-     Expect the value of products and services to be equal to or exceed the purchase price.

-     Be invited to buy without feeling pressured.

-     Expect us to keep our promises to you.

-     Expect the same level of professional service before, during and after the sale.


Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

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Our Mission:

Our mission at Formula One Imports is to be the very best in every aspect of our business. The core values we hold in Charlotte luxury vehicle sales are the pillars supporting this mission statement.


Honesty is at the core of everything we do at Formula One Imports. Our actions and words will always be true and honest, helping us build trust with our visitors.


Everyone on our team is committed to working together to reach a common purpose. We set aside the goals of individual members do focus on the overall group objective, emphasizing cooperation.

Attitude of Service:

The concerns of our customers are always our top priority. We exist to serve our clients, providing them with a customer service standard in Charlotte luxury vehicle sales that competitors cannot match.


We know how to have fun at Formula One Imports. This helps keep our workplace relaxed, and creates an enjoyable environment for both our team members and our customers.


At Formula One Imports, doing something right the first time is not our goal, it is our standard. Our team members take ownership to achieve results. See it, Own it, Solve it and Do it.

Continuous Improvement:

Formula One Imports is constantly growing and we are always working to refine all areas of our business. All of our team members are continuously working to improve, and this improvement works its way up through our Charlotte luxury vehicles for sale.


The Charlotte community has been a long-time support of Formula One Imports, and we are committed to giving back. We are happy to support many local organizations and community groups.

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Our mission at Formula One Imports is to simply be the very best in every aspect of our business. We will accomplish this by giving exceptional personal attention to each client that we take under our care, while providing our employees with a superior work environment and strongly supporting our community.